The Stonebridge Journey – What’s in it for You?

StonebridgeI state on my home page what this BLOG, The Stonebridge, is about:  ” This website  and personal BLOG contain  ideas, thoughts, inspiration, experiences and stories I have collected along the path of my life.  These have become the stones and pebbles on which I walk daily, my STONEBRIDGE.  We all have one.  It is unique.  It is special.  There is not another one like it – anywhere, in all of eternity.  I believe that.”

Behind this statement is my personal belief that what we are is already within each of us.  The raw material, the innate abilities, talents and gifts that come with being human and yes, created in the image of God already exist.  We do not have to go get them, nor are they just beyond our reach.  Yes, our environment, upbringing and relationships play a part in who we become, but it has been my observation that the latter seems to revolve around the former.  I know that theologians, socialists, geneticists, biologists and all manner of “ists” have debated this from the beginning of time (ever read the book of Job?), but any other stance makes me a victim of something or other and I personally refuse to play that role.

This BLOG has a two-fold purpose.  First, it is what a BLOG is, a WEB LOG.  A place to put into words things that are meaningful to me.  These things, as stated on my About Page, fall into four categories of “stones”:  Faith, Family, Flight and Foundations.  I am using this platform as a sort of workshop to document happenings, ideas, musings and so forth that may become a larger work.  For instance, I am about to begin pulling together the information about my father’s fascination with Costa Rica.  It will become a book.  You will get a sneak peek by being a part of this BLOG.

Second, I want to, by example and sharing, awaken in those who read these posts the realization of the potential that lies within you.  I am sure you are aware of some of those desires and gifts and I am equally as sure each of you have walked in some measure of those attributes.  No doubt in great and wonderful ways.  So what is in it for you? There is more.  You are still breathing, right?  So, look closer.  Look carefully and objectively:  What are the stones that make you who you are?  Are they in the right place in your stonebridge of life?  Are there stones that have yet to be discovered and placed intentionally into the structure of your bridge?  It bet there are!

I invite you into my personal workshop, my studio.  Who are you?  I would like to know.   Please make yourself known in comments in the section below.  Even if it just where you live at the moment.  I am in Wichita, KS.



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