Welcome to The Stonebridge where:

Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose 


Giving Lost Stories A Voice

Is What We Are About!

About The STONEBRIDGE.  We all like a good story, right?   In fact, each of us lives out a new story every day!   Your adventures.  Your ideas, desires, abilities put into motion every morning.  I know you do, because I see them on Facebook, Twitter and the other locations where your voices are heard.

The BLOG is a collection of stories, I like to call stones, which interconnect and form my life bridge.  This BLOG gives the stones a voice.   It is my desire, that as I share the stories behind the stones in my bridge, it will inspire reflection about your own stories and, even more, the stories behind the stories – and  to capture them!

About My Content

Each week I publish content that falls in one of  these four areas:


Scripture states that “faith is the substance of things hoped for….”.  What we believe and put our trust in, whatever or whoever that may be, will frame all else.  I acknowledge at the onset and make no apologies that my choice to make Jesus Christ the Lord of my life permeates all I am and do.


Relationships are important and family relationships top the list.  The stories I share here explore the ways in which those who have passed on have impacted their world and how that impact continues today.


Isaiah 58:12 speaks of “raising up age-old foundations…”.   As owners of a historic landmark home, one gets connected to its history more as a steward than an owner. You are connected down through time to those who have gone before; who lived their lives in the same space you now occupy.

In addition the reality of historic restoration has its own set of stories that deserve documentation.  Those stories appear here as well.

It also serves as a place to, from time to time, showcase handmade products made from vintage materials.  Most are from the restoration and renovations, but occasionally I go off the reservation!


aboutWhen one spends 34 years in an occupation as unique and wonderful as air traffic control, it never really goes away.  I was an air traffic controller for 14 years before I became a pilot.  In some ways everything I learned about walking by faith, cherishing family and appreciating foundations became clear in the act of controlling airplanes and learning to fly.  How?  Some posts talk about that.

These four “stones” have emerged organically becoming visible and viable by simply, yet with intention, putting one foot in front of the other.   There has been a fair amount of fumbling and some out-and-out failures.

here were choices and decisions, even the occasional “what if I had…” , but in the end, simply doing something with what was presented, has served well and continues to do so.  It can for you too!