Boundaries, Land Rights and Ownership

Boundaries.  “A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it.”  Arthur Baer   In order to have a structurally sound Stonebridge, there must be boundaries.  Actually a well constructed bridge serves just that purpose:  to be a boundary from the pitfalls below and to the […]

Preeminent Wisdom – The Principle And First Thing

Men studied history primarily to discern the ways of Providence and so acquire wisdom for their own age.  – Stephen Mansfield One of the four categories of stones in my personal Stonebridge Story I call, “Foundations”.  On my About page this falls in the context of our historic home and the lives that are lived there. Another of […]

The Stonebridge Journey – What’s in it for You?

I state on my home page what this BLOG, The Stonebridge, is about:  ” This website  and personal BLOG contain  ideas, thoughts, inspiration, experiences and stories I have collected along the path of my life.  These have become the stones and pebbles on which I walk daily, my STONEBRIDGE.  We all have one.  It is unique.  It is special.  There […]

Becoming a Lover of History

“I do not know when I became a lover of history”. – In Search of God and Guinness,  by Stephen Mansfield.  I just read the book, In Search of God and Guinness,  by Stephen Mansfield.  Introducing the book, he makes the statement “I do not know when I became a lover of history”.  The statement struck me.  As he […]