The Most Important Reason To Keep A Journal

“Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are.” Carolyn V. Hamil There are many awesome personal reasons to keep a journal.  Lists of why and “how to” are abundant and for these reasons I have developed the habit of daily journaling.  However, there is a rather hidden reason to […]

It’s AWKWARD: First Flying Lesson

[social_warfare] “Anything worth doing well is worth doing badly in the beginning” – Marshall Thurber  “Even when it feels award…” – Nancy Cullen  I do not like doing things badly.  I want to do things well.  The first time.  I see others doing a thing well, with grace and ease, so I jump in and, well, […]

How To Celebrate Forty-Two Years Together?

Forty-Two years of marriage is big deal, but not in terms of milestones.  There is no special gift or stone.  It’s not rubies, emeralds, silver or gold.  It’s simply forty-two years.  So what does one do to celebrate? In our house, we chose to take a ride on a carousel.   Yep, you read that right-a […]

Calming Thanksgiving Afterthoughts From Maison Steinbuchel

Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often. – Johnny Carson The day before Thanksgiving is one of the heaviest travel days of the year.  This true of all modes of transportation, but […]

Here’s To Kansas Air Tour 2019 In The Bag

“There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.” Wilbur Wright, 1905 The fall season is full of flying activities in Kansas.  Weather is generally more stable and cooler temperatures beckons one to the skies.  Don’t misunderstand, flying is great any time of the […]

Who Are The Poor And How Can We Serve Them?

For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always. Matt 26:11 Recently I was watching an episode of Poldark on Masterpiece Classic.  It is a BBC Period piece set in Cornwall England beginning in the 1780s.  In this particular episode the lower classes in the region were starving due to […]

Why Bother With A Girls In Aviation Day?

Flying is the best possible thing for women.  — Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of France, first licensed woman pilot, regards receiving her license, 8 March 1910. I participate in a closed Facebook group called The Landline.  It is a forum for pilots and controllers to interact over questions about anything pilot-controller aviation system related. Recently a […]

An Awesome Crazy Personal Aviation Day

To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. But to fly is everything. – Otto Lilienthal I have spend a lot of time with airplanes over the past few weeks.  One particular day turned into a personal aviation day taking me from one corner of Wichita, the Air Capital of the World, […]

Excited Anticipation Of Kansas Air Tour 2019

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison A couple of years ago, I heard about The Kansas Air Tour.  I was attending the annual EAA Chapter 88 Fly-in at Jabara Airport, where the tour ended that year and […]