How To Keep This Summer Special

Summer is very precious.     Dylan Lauren      

The summer of 2020 is almost over.  I doubt it was typical for anyone anywhere in the world.  Wearing masks, sanitizing anything and anyone entering our space, shutdowns, job losses, and schools, what is going to happen with our schools?  All of these questions, and more, wear on one’s energy.

Summer is supposed to be a less structured time for the purpose of refreshing and rest.  For many, structure was blown out of the water early last spring!  That lack of structure seemed like an adventure at first, but the novelty wore off as the reality of the situation settled in.  Refreshing and rest?  Hummmm….

Keep This Summer Special

Keep This Summer SpecialHow does one keep summer special now that it is almost over?  When I find my plans and expectations have been blown to bits by life, it is time to pause and regroup.

Here are a few suggestions to salvage what is left of the summer of 2020:

  • Stop , take inventory.  Make two lists:  One of all the things you had hoped and planned to do that did not happen and a second of the things you did that were not planned.  In the latter include even the smallest things, for instance:
              • cooked at home and ate meals together more often
              • back burner projects finished
              • had movie nights at home
              • saw some local sites
              • saved money!

Reframe And Regroup

  •  Reframe.  Take the list of the things you did do and see the benefits.  True, it wasn’t the dream vacation you had planned and those visits to family and friends had to convert to on-line chats, but what did those “losses” make room for?
    • Reframing can make for some great family stories down the line.  Write them down in a notebook entitled “The Summer We Statyed Home” or “The Summer That….”.  Involve the family.
    • Reframing helps sort out and process all the pivoting you did when you would have rather  rested.


  • Now review the list of hopes and expectations.  What events and opportunities are just gone?   That graduation that looked much different, the wedding, birthday or other milestone that passed without the usual celebration.
    • Record those as well.  What did you do that was creative and redeeming? Trust me, in retrospect these will seem extra special due to the context.  “Remember your 16th birthday when….?” or “How we celebrated July 4th that year?”
    • From the same list, look at the plans to defer to next summer.  Look at any adjustments needed and put it on your wish list.  Start to dream and plan again.


  • Last, look at the next few weeks.  In most places school will be stating late this year.  Once it does start it will no doubt look different.  Is there some short trip or local place to visit?  Perhaps an end of summer event you can host, social distancing, masks and all?  Even an online “come and go” zoom bash?

Keep This Summer SpecialDo you have end of summer plans?  

You can keep this summer special!  Enjoy your family even within the constraints we find ourselves in.  It may end up the most memorable summer ever.

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I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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