What To Do When Circumstances Crash Your World


I always laugh and say I met God on the way up, and I got to know him on the way down. And so, as I’m crashing and losing everything, a lot of people run to God when they are struggling. And I was no exception. – Dave Ramsey

Circumstances Crash Your World? By the time this BLOG posts, it is hard to say where we will be at in this social distancing season.  As I write, my state is slowly opening back up.  In this process, the reality of where we are is sinking in more profoundly.

crash your worldAs I contemplate the fact that my hair really needs attention, I realize my hairdresser has not worked in several months.  Many are feeling the victim of this unprecedented time, and fear follows in waves.

My main job during this time has been to stay home and out of the way.  To not add to the drama playing out around us, none-the-less, I am aware the toll of feeling victimized can take.

To counter this, here is an anti-dote, a vaccine, if you will, I have taken when victim mentality comes knocking.

Circumstances Crash Your World? Me Too.

In my 38 years as a civil servant, first in personnel and then in air traffic, there were a number of times when, the actions of others jeopardized my job.  This may surprise many, since job security is assumed to be guaranteed in this realm.  However, I can assure you, this is not the case.

Most of the time, the actions revolved around decisions of congress, budget funding shortfalls, and which political party was at the forefront.  My years in personnel as a civilian with the US military, reorganized every time a new general was appointed.  Downsizing and rightsizing were just another term for “let’s rearrange the troops today”.

Then there were the actions of the air traffic union in 1981 to call a strike.  Again, the actions of others messing with my world.

This public health crisis has required some extreme measures that has affected multitudes profoundly.  It has taken us all hostage to some degree or another.  Yet, even a hostage has a choice as to whether they will succumb to being a victim.

Circumstances Crash Your World? Assess Your Assets

To enable me to make this choice, I learned, over time, to discern what I had control of and what I did not.  One tool I used was a personal asset inventory.

This inventory provided, not only a real set of assets I could fall back on, but a sense of empowerment rescuing me from any temptation to respond as a victim.  It opened up choices I had.  Exercising the power to choose is the antidote to acting as a fear filled victim.

An Abundance of Help

There are countless (well it seems so) resources out there.  A lot are free which enables one to try a particular mentor or program out before making a purchase.  I use the public library for books, books on CD and other resources and I listen to pod casts.
These free resources help to find the right fit before purchasing.  To be honest, simply implementing the free information available can get you well down the path of  this segment of your Stonebridge journey.  Start with these links:
               This is the Meyers-Briggs a long-time standard.  There is a tab to take a free version
               This test is built upon the gifts listed in the Bible in Romans 12 – again free!
The next two cost.  However, they not only measure your methods of doing things, but also how you relate to others.
I personally have not taken these (yet) but they come highly recommend by people I trust.  They are especially helpful for team interaction and when hiring people to ensure a good fit for the team and tasks at hand.

Having and updating a personal skills and assets inventory is valuable no matter what your current situation is.  It is good stewardship of you!

I hope this helps.

What one action will you take this week toward forming or updating your personal assets inventory?  Let me know how you are doing by commenting or emailing me.

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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