How To Rescue Lost Stories – Write For Your Child Heart

“Passion is a feeling that follows action. It tends to be created or discovered, not predicted or planned. You don’t find your passion. It finds you as you get in the mix and try things.” – @JamesClear

The child heart.  We all have one.  It may be buried, forgotten, or simply asleep, but one’s child heart can be a great source from which to rescue stories.  To be frank, this is not something I considered until a cousin on my mother’s side of the family wrote her first children’s book.

In fact, the book is a collaboration between two sisters, one who wrote it and the other who did the illustrations.  What a wonderful way to capture story!   The book, A New Day At

child heart

 The Farm by Elizabeth Terry-Emmet and Tammera Terry, captures a day of adventures at her Grandparent’s farm when she was a little girl.

My Child Heart

The thing is, this is also my maternal grandparent’s farm.  So when I read the first two pages available on Amazon, it grabbed me.   My child heart leaped as I was transported back to that same place, with the same sounds and smells.  Full disclosure, I have not read the entire book, but it is on its way from Amazon!

It is in both English and Spanish.   In itself, this is a revelation as I was unaware that either cousin knew Spanish well enough for this level of work.  The author includes a disclaimer about the translations not being perfect but used as a learning tool as well.

The book can be ordered here.  It is available on Kindle, in Paperback or Hardback formats.   My point is whether you get this book or not, perhaps tapping into your child heart is a key to capturing that story you have tucked away.

Will I try this approach?  Perhaps not in writing an actual book for children.  However, the notion of writing from a child heart perspective is on my list of things to try.

Don’t forget the resources to help you.  I write about them here!

I will keep you posted on the book after it arrives.


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