Honoring A Courageous And Loyal Veteran

“The first night in Morotai, the Japanese sent over a bomber on the north end of the island.  The next day we went out and dug a deeper foxhole.”  – Lt. Joseph F. Cullen, Personal Diary

Today we are honoring those who have served in the protection of our freedoms.  The freedom to choose our leaders, express our options, agree to disagree, and worship, or not, in the pursuit of happiness,  These privileges and rights remain, in great measure, due to those who have fought to protect those freedoms.

Honoring So We Can Worship


On Sunday my local church had a special service to honor the veterans in our congregation.   Our pastor included my father-in-law, Major Joseph F Cullen, USAF, partly due to the wonderful video you can view here.

Daddy Joe turned 95 in January.  The family gathered to celebrate and honor his life.  Representatives from Beale AFB came to the gathering to meet and pay honor to this man who served.  My husband narrated the video, but the folks at Beale put it all together.  What a wonderful gift.

Delayed Tribute To A Life Well Lived

Joe passed away a few months later in the midst of, although not due to, the pandemic.  The day before his passing, the family gathered via phone to say their goodbyes.  Although in a coma at the time, we are sure Joe was aware of our voices.

I wrote a bit about it here on Father’s Day, but I wanted to repost on this Veterans Day, lest we forget.  Like many who have lost a loved one during this time, we have yet to have a corporate service to lay him to rest.

Honoring All Family Veterans

There are several veterans in my family, many from my father-in-law’s generation:  great uncles, uncles, my father  My younger sister is also an Army Veteran.

So with this special tribute, I say thank you to all who served and are serving.  We need you more than ever in these tumultuous times. Thank you.

Is there someone you are honoring today?  Please share in the comments so we can honor them with you.

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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