Writing Is the Painting Of The Voice – Here Is YOUR Canvas!

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”  ― Voltaire

I cannot draw, paint or even sketch well.  It is annoying to have a picture in my head yet be unable to get it onto paper properly.  When I saw this quote it resonated with me:  I can paint! Not with the obvious medium, but with words.
I prefer the non-obvious anyway.  The surprises around a corner, hidden behind a door, or fence.  The secret garden.  It’s the sense of discovery that delights my soul.  Writing does that for me.

Discovering The Painting Of The Voice

The mere fact that I write at all is a discovery since I was not drawn to any of the writing techniques I was exposed to in my composition classes.  I certainly did not elect to take any writing classes during my one year in college.  I was too busy being on the move to sit and write.
Nor did I set out to write, the desire grew silently.  There was not an epiphany or crisis.  It emerged and appeared out of the shadows of my soul.
Looking back, the appeal of it came during the years of The Waltons.  Watching John Boy close out his day by writing the stories that surrounded him on a Big Chief tablet, fascinated and drew me in.
Then, knowing my father had begun writing poetry and prose, documenting, in his own way, his stories, watered that seed.  Still, I had no inclination to sit and write.
I was occupied telling airplanes where to go and making my own stories.  At one point, my career in air traffic turned to staff work which involved technical writing.
This season developed the discipline to sit and write: placing on paper air traffic procedures to be followed when conducting air traffic business.  Procedures so specific, they outlined the very words to be spoken!  A kind of painting of a picture that would appear on a radar scope or out the window of a control tower.  More water on the seed.
Then, sometime in the 1980s, I began to journal.  It was sporadic for years but eventually developed into daily practice.  I currently use a method outlined in the Full Focus Journal.   This practice not only records what I do but helps me process events, emotions and thoughts.  It preserves significant events.  Each day serves to hone my word “painting” skills.

More Painting Of The Voice

This BLOG is yet another phase of my “painting of the voice”.  You see, I enjoy reading as well.  The authors who are able to paint a picture in my head with words, fascinate me.  Fiction or nonfiction, when I read a book or article and am able to picture what was said, I know I have read something well written.  I aspire to that.  A voice painting.
Like John Boy, I have stories.  We all do.  Like his stores inspired me, perhaps mine will inspire someone else.  The oldest, widest circulated and translated, and read book on earth, The Bible, is the highest example of story that inspires.  We are made to live, create and tell stories.

Inspiration Is Not Enough

Being inspired is certainly important, even key, but it is only one of several ingredients to writing your stories.  That is why I have taken the last year to develop a simple step-by-step process for writing your story.  I have put this process in workbook form and it is now available at:  Give Your Story A Voice.!
Order yours today, and get started with your unique one-of-a-kind voice painting!
THE STONEBRIDGE, are my stories to enjoy.  Now you can capture your story by ordering my new workbook here.   While waiting on your workbook to arrive be sure to download the FREE PDF:  Five legacy Stories.  This will give you a head start!

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

2 thoughts on “Writing Is the Painting Of The Voice – Here Is YOUR Canvas!

  1. In high school and college I tolerated English classes and the writing associated with it. My quest was in and with the visual arts! Since, I’ve discovered the beauty and utility of words—and, have used them to great advantage for a reexamination of my art. It’s been a ‘hand in glove’ experience.

    Also, there have been worthy corroborations of the literary and visual arts. James Joyce and John Singer Sargent spring to mind.

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