What A Strange Set Of Popular 2022 Posts!

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Popular 2022 Posts
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In my end of 2022 blog post, I said I was feeling rather “Blah” about 2022.  As I reviewed the year, I could see it had not been as “blah” as I felt, but the popular 2022 posts seemed an odd mix!   Although the year did seem labored and somewhat halting, all in all, it was not as dull as I happened to feel.


In reviewing my top-rated BLOG posts of the year, that is rather a mixed bag.  My posts do not get a lot of comments, but they do get a fair number of hits.  Following are the top five posts of the year.  Interestingly, some are from previous years!

Popular 2022 Posts


  • My Home page gets a lot of hits as well.  I only hope that, from there, folks navigate to other pages to see what is what.


  • How To Repurpose Cute Knob And Tube Components from June 2019 was third in my list of top hits.  IPopular 2022 Posts wonder what the fascination is with this?  In any case, it’s nice to know I am not alone in my admiration of these components from days gone by.  I still have a few products made from these components, available for sale.  Email me if you are interested: nhcullen@cfaith.com


  • The intriguing story of Gabrielle Gouldner Powell came in next. From a post early in 2022, about a  member of the French Resistance who once lived in our historic home.  She was married to the son of a Wichita, KS mayor in our home, but then ended up in France fighting for her homeland.



  • My Bio page received a few visits as well. It’s rather strange to have folks you don’t necessarily know checking you out!

How Far Does This Reach?

Although I did post weekly all year, I am aware that something has gone haywire with my SEO and indexing.  There is always something to tinker with on a website.  If you are like me, tinkering with this sort of thing is not high on my “oh boy” list!
As a result, many of the new developments did (whatever that means).  I will get to work on that.  I would appreciate it if anyone who reads this would comment so I get some indication of the indexing issue.
To those who have visited my site and even commented,  Thank You!

Happy New Year!

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