Three Transformational And Memorable Stories That Connect Time

“Family stories can be told nearly anywhere. They cost us only our time, our memories, our creativity. They can inspire us, protect us, and bind us to others. So be generous with your stories, and be generous in your stories. Remember that your children may have them for a lifetime.” Elaine Reese

Collecting and recording stories are powerful.  Whether your own, those of your family or simply observations of what occurs around you, transformational and memorable stories, at first glance may seem non-essential.  However, the opposite is true:  They can impact a Life.

As we learned in 2020, like a haircut or a nice evening out, we can do without—- until, we can’t! The fact is that we, as humans are tied up in story.  Becoming a steward and recorder of those stories is an essential activity.

Impact A Life:  Feed The Non-Urgent

There is a prioritization system, known as the Eisenhower Matrix. It has categories in which tasks, projects and activities reside based upon how important or urgent it is.  Recording stories tend to reside in the important but not urgent realm.

In other words, the activity of making note of and then engaging the process of recording stories is important.  However, on the urgency scale, it ranks rather low.  This is an activity that will languish, until the story is lost or sinks into obscurity.

Shows like Finding Your Roots and Antiques Road Show, are attractive because they unearth lost stories.  One about family roots, the other about the provenance of an object that, in some cases, has a family story attached to it.

Transformational And Memorable Connection Stories

When I began blogging my four Stonebridge pillars:  Flight, Family, Foundations and Faith, I never imagined the connections that would be made.  Some examples:

  • A friend whom we know from our years in Denver.  He had been a pilot but got away from it for some reason.  Through our discussions around my flight BLOG posts, he reminded me how a simple introduction while I worked in personnel for the military, got him back into flying!  He ended up retiring from the Air Force.
  • That same friend let me know about his connection the the making of the movie “The End of the Spear” when I wrote about it here.
  • I have posted numerous BLOGs about my Dad, his influence on me entering the aviation world first as an air traffic controller then later as a pilot.  Amazing connections appeared in recounting those stories from other folks whom my father influenced in becoming pilots.

From One Generation To The Next In The Aircoupe

Going through my grandfather’s (Russ Townsley, from Russell) old logbook, I found a few entries from August 1965 for N3052G for local flights around the Russell area. It appears that he logged some time in it after selling his ’56 172 the year prior, but I’m not sure of any other details. However, it sure is great to read that the airplane is still flying and possibly still inspiring new pilots here some 54 years later! -Trevor Bair (KLMO)”

How To Start

What I am saying is, it a worthwhile endeavor to capture stories.  But where to begin?  What steps do I take?  Issue 12 of The Magnolia Journal outline simple steps to get started.

First, keep it simple.  For Ideas on what to write about, click here for my free download.

Second, decide what you can do that fits you and your life today.  Yes, brainstorm all the dreams and ideas, but then choose a framework that works for you now.

Transformational And Memorable Stories
Click on the image to purchase a copy of the book!

Third, start.  I am developing a simple workbook to help with that.  It outlines the process I used to publish my father’s writings. Look for it in the next week!

Whether or not you use these or some other tool, pick one method and get started on your transformational and memorable stories!

What one step will you take this week to identify the stories you want to record?  Let me know in the comment section as a point of action!  Don’t forget to subscribe!


I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

2 thoughts on “Three Transformational And Memorable Stories That Connect Time

  1. This is a great website and a wonderful blog concerning storytelling. That is one of my passions as well. I’m big into aviation also, just because my son is a commercial pilot for frontier Airlines. His greatest fun, is flying the small planes not the Jets! LOL
    Thanks for your encouragement and Platform University.

    1. Thank you Dan! This continues to be a work in progress as I learn how to effectively share my story and, I hope, encourage others to do the same!

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