Three Key Lessons From The Virus – Efficiency- Rest – Gratitude

“I can see how, gradually, I began choosing efficiency over everything. Even the things that I knew deep in my bones were worthy of my time” – Joanna Gaines – Magnolia Journal – Spring 2021

As I was recovering from my COVID encounter in August, I learned three key lessons.  This occurred as I took the time to catch up on some reading.  I was pretty useless for concentrated mental work, so I tackled the stack of magazines that accumulated over a very busy summer.

Most of my magazines have to do with aviation, but The Magnolia Journal is a welcome departure.  I enjoy that it is sparse, yet meaty; thought-provoking while containing simple practical applications.  It calms me.

Three Key Lessons – #1 – Time can be a taskmaster.

The great equalizer, the 24 hours a day each of us is given is a precious gift to be stewarded.  However, when stewardship steps over into frantic packing every moment with activity, It’s time to step back and regroup.

All of us have had a lot thrown at us since early 2020.  A pandemic, with ever-changing guidelines and information, a political climate gone bonkers, and economic uncertainty have blown routines to bits.  Add the personal challenges that come with living and you have a recipe for panic.

In our household, this was a year of catching up after my husband recovered from major surgery.  In this catch-up mode, I found myself double packing projects, tasks, and to-dos into every waking moment.  During the “shelter-at-home” and surgery recovering time, we got used to not going anywhere.  I was not making time to enjoy life:  To sit and chat with my spouse, call a friend, or just read for pleasure.

Three Key – #2 – Margins are a necessary element to life.

Have you ever read a single-spaced, narrow margined book?  It feels tight and constrained, even tense.  There is a reason most books have ample margins and spaced paragraphs.  It makes the book easier to read, more relaxing, and pleasant.

In fact, this BLOG has extra space for that very reason.  We need margins in our daily life.  Margins facilitate rest and rejuvenation.  As I laid on my couch during my COVID encounter, unable to deal with even opening the mail, I realized how much I missed my margins.

Three Key Lessons – #3 – Efficiency Is Not A Destination

Even before I found myself under the influence of the crud, I had become aware that efficiency had become an elusive pursuit.  I kept looking for ways to streamline, to get things done faster.  Why? so I could get to the “fun” stuff.  Activities that kept getting put aside, like:

  • repurposing found objects,
  • deeper research for this BLOG (yes that is fun to me),
  • reworking my herb garden, finishing some sewing projects,
  • Reading my Magnolia Journals
  • dreaming and updating my vision boards

Three Key Lessons

An End Of Summer Reset

So, as I have come out of the fog and am back on my feet, I brought with me a resolve to reinstate my margins.  Oh, I will still plan, set goals and steward my time, but with a less frantic, breathless catch-up vibe.

What lessons have you learned over these past few months?  Share them in the comments or email me at


I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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