Leftovers – The Loaves and Fishes of Life

Using leftovers.  I enjoy re-doing and re-making things.  I always have.  Taking what I have on hand and making something useful again: Whatever I might have in the pantry or frig becomes a one-time kind of meal. Pieces of cloth become a comforter, pillow or something for the wall. Scraps of wood become art, wooden […]

Enthusiasm – A Necessary Stone in your Bridge

“It’s faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.”Oliver Wendell Holmes I confess that when I hear someone is enthusiastic about something, I tend to go cold inside.  Especially if I am relying on that person to follow-through in a long term commitment.  In today’s world the noun “enthusiasm” seems rather shallow […]

What To Do When Disaster Strikes – Fly the Plane!

”May you live every day of your life. “  Jonathan Swift “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Jesus, in Matthew 6:24 This BLOG posted the first time on the last day of 2016.  I am re-posting as prayers go forth for those in the […]


Personal Assets – You Already Have What You Need

I believe that we should own the fruits of our labor and the assets of our creations. – Nipsey Hussle In my post about hard decisions, I outlined a personal struggle that impacted my career path as an air traffic control specialist.  The knowledge and skills developed were highly specialized assets with what seemed a […]

Boundaries, Land Rights and Ownership

Boundaries.  “A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it.”  Arthur Baer   In order to have a structurally sound Stonebridge, there must be boundaries.  Actually a well constructed bridge serves just that purpose:  to be a boundary from the pitfalls below and to the […]

Preeminent Wisdom – The Principle And First Thing

Men studied history primarily to discern the ways of Providence and so acquire wisdom for their own age.  – Stephen Mansfield One of the four categories of stones in my personal Stonebridge Story I call, “Foundations”.  On my About page this falls in the context of our historic home and the lives that are lived there. Another of […]

The Stonebridge Journey – What’s in it for You?

I state on my home page what this BLOG, The Stonebridge, is about:  ” This website  and personal BLOG contain  ideas, thoughts, inspiration, experiences and stories I have collected along the path of my life.  These have become the stones and pebbles on which I walk daily, my STONEBRIDGE.  We all have one.  It is unique.  It is special.  There […]

Circles and Intersections – Part III

Circles.  In order to share this circle, I need to provide a bit of my family’s German history.  Specifically my maternal grandfather’s.  It all centers around a small village in the northern District of Lippe Germany:  Varenholtz.  When we visited Varenholtz in 1998, we found a landmark never mentioned in any of the oral (where most […]

Circles and Intersections And Authentic Connection

Every doorway, every intersection has a story.     Katherine Dunn While attending a monthly meeting of my local chapter of Women in Aviation, I was introduced to a gentleman who works for Flight Safety international.  I recognized his name and asked him if he was related to a certain person with whom I had attended high […]