The Sun Came Bursting Over The Horizon And A New Outstanding Day Arrived

“From the blackness of nothing to the brightness of everything.  The sun came bursting over the horizon and a new day was here.”  Paul Hancock, The Writings of HANCOCK, September 1975

In the past, The Northfield School of the Liberal Arts had a year-end program called, Americana.  It is an opportunity for students and faculty to summarize their year in some kind of fine art presentation.  The 2021 theme was: “Gifts of Encouragement and Hope”.

The program had pivoted to zoom, as so many things had, adding a whole dimension to the evening.  My spouse is on faculty, so when the call for Americana submissions came out this year, Dr. Dave and I tossed our name in the hat.

The Sun Came Bursting

I wanted to simply read a piece of my father’s writing.  However, it seemed better to have my husband read it in a male voice.  I would do an introduction.

Ideally, we would have had Daddy read it, but to our knowledge, we do not have any of his writings read in his own voice.  Of course, I can hear his voice when I read them.  I see his facial expressions, hear him stumble over Sun Came Burstingwords, and get frustrated over his perceived inadequacy to share his heart.

Still. I am grateful for the words, his words, we have.  This presentation turned into a bit more than I envisioned.  Dr. Dave decided to add video, which meant learning some new software, but the result is really good.  Please enjoy the five-minute presentation here!

A complete compilation of Dad’s writings can be purchased here.

This is one of the reasons I do stories:  to honor my father and the gift of words he gave me.  So Happy Father’s Day Daddy.  We miss you.

What will you do this Father’s Day to honor your dad?  Let me know in the comments.  

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