Summer Is Not Gone Yet! Squeeze Out One More Adventure

Summer is very precious.  –  Dylan Lauren      

It’s here. The annual back-to-school thing.  But wait!  Summer is not over yet!  That pace of unstructured bliss that allows for refreshment and rest is still here.  Even in the midst of ongoing pandemic rhetoric take some time for a change of venue.  Let’s finish strong.  Let’s squeeze out one more adventure

I just returned from my own mountain retreat vacation.  Our elderly cat did just fine on his own for a few days and a dear friend made sure the garden stayed tidy and watered.

In many ways, this summer for us has been a lot of “I didn’t plan on that” stuff:

  • A geo-thermal system issue that took way to long to sort out
  • the city deciding to tear up the alley behind our historic property
  • aging and vintage car issues.
  • a tow truck knocked down part of our historic wall near the alley

Yes, we needed an adventure, a get away.  I bet you do too!

Do you have the end-of-summer plans?  

So what will it be?

  • a camp out at the lake?
  • A day trip to a near-by state park?
  • Maybe a local concert or a visit to a museum?

Squeeze Out One More AdventureIf you are in the United States there are a number of web sites to find things to do nearby.  Here is one I use:  Only In Your State.   I signed up for the weekly email for my state.  Most of the time I visit vicariously, but I also stash ideas in an email folder for later reference.

Why Not?…

…plan out at least two day trips for the coming weekends.  A sort of pre-back-to-school celebration?

My spouse is an educator, so even though we don’t have children to prepare, he has a boat load of stuff to do for the two schools he will be teaching at.  So I am pulling together a couple of day trips to break up the August todo list.

Judging from refreshing we got from the few days away in the mountains, these planned play days before school will be a huge plus.  Does it take effort?  Yes, it does, but that effort pays off.

Squeeze Out One More Adventure And Write It Down!

In the midst of the play, look for that story to rescue.  Play days build special memories that are worthy of recording.  Yes, take some pictures and videos, but then record them on paper.  The sights, sounds and sensory details that nourish your soul, when captured and relived in writing, will take to back to that same place again.

It’s still summer!  Enjoy!

Be sure to share in the comments below!  

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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