Searching Frantically! Help! What Is A Dixie Maid?

What Is A Dixie Maid?  I thought I would write a bit of history and back story about the “Dixie Maid” label I used to make this cute decorative coat hanger.  What I found was not at all satisfying, so I need help.  First, here is what I found.
The term “Dixie Maid” seems to be a brand or general term for things originating in Dixie-land, e.g. the south of the United States.  I found Drive-in’s, cafes, syrup, and other sorts of establishments and products.  Included were the Dixie Maid Factory Smokers, or cigars.
However, this is not Dixie MADE, but Dixie MAID.  Hummmm,  no answers.   I hope I am not treading on some unhallowed ground.  If so, I apologize. It may be a simple as a reference ti a young southern gal, but what’s the link to cigars?
I was hoping to find where the term came from other than the obvious and more specifically something about Dixie Maid Factory smokers.  For instance:

What Is A Dixie Maid

  • The history of the product
  • The location of the factory
  • Who owned or ran the factory
  • Who worked there
  • what years were they made
  • Are they still made
…and so on.
Made Useful
What the search did unearth were several sources for this same label.  It actually is a lid off of a wooden box that the cigars were shipped and/or sold it. Not having the box, I mounted the lid onto a piece of barn wood. and added a cute vintage coat hanger How much more south and rustic can you get? Measures approximately 7.5” H x 25” wide.
So here’s the deal – I want more information.  Surely someone out there has an idea about the questions posed above!
If you can add any value to this mystery please post in the comments below.  Hyperlinks are good too.

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