Three Reasons Giving Honor Returns Benefits

Render to all men their dues. … respect to whom respect is due, and honor to whom honor is due. Romans 13:7

honorShowing honor to whom it is due takes many forms.  It can be as simple as holding a door open or saying thank you.  But there are occasions when more effort is appropriate.  This year, the last living sibling of my husband’s mother turned 90.  Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, spouses, and their offspring traveled long distances to surprise him.

For us, it was the first of several road trips to start the year.  We broke the journey to and from into two days, taking time to pay honor to two Revolutionary War ancestors along the way. This particular branch of my husband’s family is steeped in military service.  Uncle Bud, Warfield Monroe Lewis II, grandly continued that tradition.  His father Colonel Warfield Monroe Lewis, taught at Westpoint and served in World War II.  This father and son were the last of the Lewis line to graduate Westpoint dating back to its beginning.

Benefits Of Showing Honor

  1. Civility – being gracious, giving honor to whom it is due, and basic manners, are characteristics of a civilized world.  This differs from flattery which smacks of manipulation.
  2. Generosity – a generous spirit will not have trouble showing honor.  Showing this requires taking our eyes off of ourselves and onto another person.
  3. Legacy – it also reinforces one’s legacy, especially within the family.


honorShowing honor expresses itself in hospitality both as a host and a guest.  We received a huge dose of southern hospitality while in Kentucky. From horse farm tours to bourbon distilleries,  as guests of this wonderful occasion honor fell on us daily.

It may require some effort, travel, and time.  All things that seem in short supply these days.  When I make room to show honor and give the appropriate attention, the things given come back to me in some, shape, or form.

Another way to show honor is to capture life stories.  There is a dignity of being listened to and recorded.  We have had the privilege of contributing to capturing two great stories in my husband’s family.  General Charles Stuart Tripler and his wife Eunice Hunt Tripler, are members of this branch of this family tree.  The proceeds of these books go to the Michigan Civil War Association.

These two well-documented stories emerged from a less than 700-word BLOG.  It still is stunning to me how honor can grow.  Every living being has a story to be honored.  We will spend eternity reading, listening, and telling these stories.  Let’s start today.

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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