Home on the Range – A Good Story Never Grows Stale

Home, home on the range.  Where the deer and the antelope play…..”
I was privileged to attend the world premiere of the new film, Home on the Range, a few months.  It took place at Wichita’s Historic Orpheum Theater just a few blocks from our own historic landmark home.

This past week a fundraising event around this film occurred at the Historic Murdock Theater.  It was even more engaging the second time.  Like the song, the story behind it never gets stale.  The Lone Chimney Films website has lists of screenings where you can view the film.  It is worth any effort to see.

Of course knowing the producer/director, Ken Spurgeon makes it more personal.  My husband serves on the same faculty at Northfield School of the Liberal Arts, so we enjoy a bit of the inside scoop and benefit of Mr. Spurgeon’s gifts and talents on a regular basis.

Cabin where Home on the Range was first penned, located in Smith County, Kansas
We also know many of the actors, some in person and others from their iconic place in our own lives through their careers in the entertainment world.  It was inspiring to see the merging of such seasoned with new talent, from local and beyond, into this wonderful film.
My Western Home
The film tells the story behind the song, Home on the Range, first known as “My Western Home”.  About where it really came from and how we almost lost it.  It is the Kansas state song but, more than that, it is a song that is timeless and familiar.  Recognized worldwide, some call it the national anthem of the West.  The places used in the film are all familiar to me. From the countryside to the buildings, I know these places. I was home as I watched.
Yet, behind this film and its story underlies the purpose of this and the other projects Lone Chimney Productions does.  They go beyond entertainment, past education to identifying stories.  Then proceed to, not just repeating the story, but to preserving them.  In the process, one is not only entertained but educated and nurtured.
This resonates with my soul and illustrates the purpose of this BLOG.  It’s stories, yours and mine, from which we learn, are entertained, build on and interrelate with each other.  Stories give voice to the voiceless and substance to the intangible.  Without story, our own and others, life is empty and even pointless.  It contains no history or future.  Although living in the present is vital, connecting to our past and future hint at the eternalness within our hearts.
Today’s activities are tomorrow’s stories, no matter how exciting or mundane they may be. When the words to Home on the Range were written, its author had no idea that 150+ years later, His story would inspire thousands of people all over Kansas including legislators at the Kansas state capitol.
Your stories matter.  Tell them, write them down.  They are not unimportant and will not grow old.  Ever.
Begin today by sharing one today in the comment section below:

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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