Excited Anticipation Of Kansas Air Tour 2019

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

A couple of years ago, I heard about The Kansas Air Tour.  I was attending the annual EAA Chapter 88 Fly-in at Jabara Airport, where the tour ended that year and several of my pilot friends had just landed .   It was at that moment I decided this is something I would do.

At the time my plane was still in Texas at our hangar home and although I flew it to Kansas from time time, it was not convenient.   Still the dream to do this tour sparked.

One Decision

The next year, the decision was made to move the plane home.  This one decision also made the Air Tour doable.  I contacted a pilot friend and ended up attending a meeting of the KCAE who serves as the non-profit under which these kinds of activities function.

Then, last fall, I set a goal to fly in the tour.  To do this I:

  1. had the annual inspection and certification done
  2. Found hangar space to rent at an airfield in the Wichita area
  3. relocated the airplane to Kansas which included an emergency landing
  4. Saved up necessary funds for fuel and expenses
  5. Enrolled in the Air Tour and made needed hotel reservations
  6. Had the radio display repaired in the Aircoupe
  7. Shined her up to within an inch of her life
Fly Kansas!

I did indeed fly the tour, or at least part of it.   A combination of of weather, which affected most everyone on the tour, and a mechanical issue, kept me from flying the entire tour.  I did however, finish by following the tour in a rental car.

Kansas Air TourI am planning on flying the Kansas Air Tour again this year.  Unlike last year when plans got rearranged because of weather and airplane issues, I hope to give updates as the tour progresses.

So, with a few exceptions, I am following the same process as last year, listed above.  Of course the plane is here now and has been checked and rechecked.  Fingers crossed!

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