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“The first draft of a book is just you telling yourself the story.”

― Terry Pratchett

I am writing a second book about my dad, Paul Hancock book and even though I plan to self-publish, like the first one, I am following the wisdom of Micheal Hyatt and have written a book proposal using his outline.  This has helped frame and clarify what my vision for this work is.

I am in the midst of writing so it is on my mind a lot these days.  I thought I would share the proposal with you so you could enter into the process with me.  I may even post bits of the book as it comes forth.  Feedback is welcome!

The Content

Premise:  Every life is important.  Dad’s are important to daughters.  This book documents the convergence of a segment of one man’s life through a demonstration to meet a need in another man’s life of service, and a daughter’s opportunity to intersect that point of convergence 30+ years later.  This convergence point is a Toyota Pick-up truck that began its mission in Kansas in 1984 and continues, in part in the mountains of Costa Rica in 2016.

Unique Selling Proposition:  For those who choose to read this book, it will serve to:

  • Give voice to the fading or unknown efforts of my father AND those who supported, in any way, this leap of faith
  • Preserve this story for Paul Hancock’s family
  • Recognize the many others who assisted in this effort, so that their descendants will be aware of their kindness
  • Remind those who have benefited from this one ten-day Journey that we all are beneficiaries of the kindness and sacrifices of others
  • Inspire others to document those stories within in their families so they will not be lost.

Because the book will:

  • Affirm each of our impact in this world, even after we are gone.


The book will have three components present in 10-12 chapters

COMPONENT 1: Anchor Image for each chapter:  Scanned in originals of Paul Hancock’s handwritten diary as he prepared for and made the 10 day trip

COMPONENT 2:  Scanned in images of Paul Hancock’s typed version of the same diary which fills in some detail missing in the handwritten notes

COMPONENT 3:  Selected color photos of Paul Hancock in Costa Rica as well as the author’s return trip.

COMPONENT 4:  A Narrative written from the author’s point of view to provide background and context for her father’s trips to Costa Rica leading to the road trip in the truck.  This will include observations from her trip to Costa Rica where she was able to meet the missionary her father worked with and see first hand the work that endures.

Manuscript Status:  The handwritten and typed diary pages forming the backbone of the book have been scanned into .jpg format.  Additionally, there are articles and other correspondence from which to draw background information.  The Author’s notes on her trip to Costa Rica will also serve to give substance to the story.  However, most of the actual formulation of the story must still occur.

Special Features:  The manuscript will include photos from original slides taken on her father’s trips, newspaper articles about the trip, the aforementioned scans of the handwritten and typed diary and some photos of the author’s trip and with her in the truck her dad drove down

Anticipated length: 150 pages with 2-3 pages of images in each chapter.  Approximately 35,000 words.

Anticipated manuscript completion date:  July 31, 2016 with self-publish September 31, 2016.


Characteristics:  The audience for this book will be primarily family, friends and acquaintances of Paul Hancock.  There may be some adventurers, those interested in Costa Rica, missions or personal stories who will also purchase.

Motivations:  For family, this will preserve and make accessible this story about Paul Hancock.  Especially for those who were too young to know him when he passed on.  For friends and acquaintances, it will refresh the memory, fill in gaps of information and provide a tangible way to pass the story on.  For others, it may inspire to take a hold of strong desire and full-fill it or perhaps to document some part of their own family history.

Affinity Groups:

  • Facebook profile and page
  • Twitter account
  • Blog
  • Word of mouth
  • Amazon Create Space
  • In person promotion in conjunction with first book: The Writings of HANCOCK

Competition:  There is only one Paul HANCOCK so documenting this aspect of his life is unique.

I am considering a title to complement the first book “The Writings of HANCOCK”.  Here are a couple of titles under consideration for the second one:

  1.  A Journey of HANCOCK:  A Truck for Costa Rica
  2.  An Adventure of HANCOCK:  A Road Trip to Costa Rica

Which do you prefer?  Other Suggestions are welcome.  Enter in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “A Chance To Vote On My Book Proposal

  1. I like the first one, only put The Journey, instead of A Journey…I like the truck reference too

    1. Thank you my friend! BTW you get the dubious honor of being the FIRST to comment on my BLOG – when the book comes out you will get a copy – on the house. Blessings

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