Biplane Building-How Perseverance, Passion, And Perspective Equals Progress

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. – John Quincy

In January, we reached a significant milestone on the Chapter 88 Biplane building project.  The upper right wing was completed and hung on the shop wall! A video of this moment has been posted on the Chapter’s Facebook page.

This first milestone completed the upper right wing – minus a short squawk list.  This wing, partially assembled by my father, was disassembled and rebuilt using new ribs and epoxy.

Biplane BuildingA full year passed, with the process of deconstruction, rehabbing parts, and aligning the rebuild with previously drilled holes and hardware.  Of course, this required time.

Add to that:

  • the learning curve for each of us working the project, fabricating the hardware for all the wings, and
  • adopting the EAA recommended upgrades,

the progress has been slow but steady and remarkable.

The left upper wing is now almost complete including the installation of the drag wires.  This is new territory for this project as Dad had not progressed this far on the wings.  It has taken half the time to get the second wing to this point, so the timeline benefits from our learning.

I provided links to previous BLOG posts with other details of the biplane’s journey  The project is on view in the Chapter workshop.  We work each Monday evening from 6 to 8 PM.  Come on by!

Perseverance Pays In Biplane Building

All of this documentation will culminate in this EAA Biplane’s story.  The technical details are being logged into the EAA’s online Builder’s Log.  This tool, provided to chapter members, is a wonderful repository for the processes, photos, lessons learned and financial details necessary for a successful, safe and completed aircraft building project.

My BLOGs provide the backstory, the non-technical human side.  When it comes to aviation the technical stuff is vital, but can be quite black and white, even dull.  The backstory gives it color and life.

Additional Biplane Building Links:

Objects Hold Powerful Story

Objects, such as this biplane, can serve as an inspiration for story.  Living in a material world does not automatically mean cold, hard and superficial.  What may be missing is the story that object holds.

What object contains that special story in your life?  Pick one:

  • Your first mode of transportation
  • A special house, chair or childhood toy
  • That ragged stuffed toy you hang onto

Write its’ story this week.  Have fun!

I am a former air traffic controller, pilot, Aircoupe owner, married 42 years to a great guy. We live in a 125+ year old historic Victorian, enjoy cats, vintage anything, precious friends. My passion is Giving Lost Stories A Voice – Giving Found Materials Fresh Form and Purpose!

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