The Premier Wedding At Maison Steinbuchel – A Pretty Home Affair

A Pretty Home Affair – “Beautiful in its simplicity will be the pretty home wedding of Miss Bertha Josephine Stackman and Dr. Rene Guldner” – The Wichita Eagle, September 4, 1912

The four weddings occurring over the years at our Historic Landmark home, Maison Steinbuchel, were presented in a previous post.  One was that of Bertha Stackman to Dr. Rene Gouldner.  In fact, it was the first wedding, we are aware of, in the house.  We have since discovered the original announcement and detailed description of that occasion.

Normally, a link added to the previous post would suffice with this information, however, my wonderful spouse had to do some magic to extract the information from the source site to make it readable.  A direct link requires wading through subscriptions and bad scans, thus, a separate post seemed best.  The article presents word for word in the vernacular of the time.


“Beautiful in its simplicity will be the pretty home wedding of Miss Bertha Josephine Stackman and Dr. Rene Guldner, which will be celebrated this evening at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Steinbuchel of North Main Street. The wedding service will be read by Judge C. A. McCanless, who was a very dear friend of the bride’s deceased father.

The reception room in which the marriage will be solemnized will be beautifully decorated with wild smilax, asters, and bridal roses, which will form an altar. Ropes of smilax will form the aisles leading from the altar to the stairway.

Miss Stackman will be attended by her sister, Miss Elizabeth Steinbuchel. Miss Steinbuchel Is an unusually sweet and attractive girl and she will be especially pretty in a gown of pink satin trimmed with real lace and will carry pink roses. The bride is one of Wichita’s most attractive girls and has an unusually large and interesting circle of friends.

Her wedding gown…

…is of white satin trimmed with laces made in Switzerland, especially for Miss Stackman. The gown Is made en traine and elaborately trimmed. She will carry bride’s roses.  Mrs. Steinbuchel, mother of the bride, will wear a gown of gray satin trimmed in lavender and made en traine.

Preceding the ceremony Miss Lenore Georges will sing D’Hardlot’s “All for You,” and for the entrance of the bridal party Miss Gladys Smedley will play Mendelssohn’s wedding march. Miss Stackman will enter with Dr. Guldner and Miss Steinbuchel will enter with Mr. Fred Stackman, who will act as best man.

A Pretty Home Affair

Following the ceremony a wedding dinner will be served in the Steinbuchel home. The table decorations will be carried out in green and white. Following the dinner, Dr. Guldner and his bride will take a short trip and will then return to Wichita before sailing for Germany.

The guests will be Mr. and Mrs. H. Steinbuchel, Mr. Herman Steinbuchel, Jr., Mr. Max Steinbuchel, Jr., Miss Elizabeth Steinbuchel, Mr. Fred Stackman, Miss Gladys Smedley, Miss Lenore Georges, Mr. and Mrs. John Georges, Mr. Otto Georges, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Steinbuchel, Mr. Herbert Steinbuchel, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Georges, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Georges, and Mrs. Dunbar.

Miss Stackman is one of Wichita’s most talented girls, as well as one of Wichita’s most lovable girls. She finished her education abroad. Dr. Guldner received his doctor’s degree from the University of Strassburg. The bride’s traveling suit will be of gray silk lined with pink. With this, she will wear a large hat trimmed with gray plumes.”

Wedding Photos?

We are holding out that some photos of the weddings in our home will surface at some point.   However, indoor photos during this era were uncommon.  We are grateful for the word pictures these sources provide to A Pretty Home Affair!

What Story Are You Writing?

It is so much fun to discover the details of stories.  Of course, the story must have meaning to you, but when it does, these details fill in the gaps, put color into the picture, and cause a connection across time.  I am writing from the room where the brides of these weddings are dressed.  Just beyond the door lies the hallway they walked and the staircase they descended.

What story are you writing today?  For help, be sure to download the free PDF and start today 

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